Genuine Solid teak wood for Outdoor Furniture

Why should you use teak wood furniture outdoors? To some people this is not even a question! The right question would be, “Why wouldn’t you use teak wood furniture outdoors?” There is a wide variety of materials that are made to be used outdoors, including plastic, metal, wicker, wooden material and other synthetic materials. With all of the other options for outdoor furniture. Teak wood is an extremely dense hardwood is often praised for its durability. It also has natural oils that protect it from the elements, even when left untreated. Often grown in Indonesia, Teak is very resistant to attacks by termites and other insects because the high oil content makes it water repellent.

A final way to protect your outdoor teak wood furniture and maintain it for the long haul is to simply put a roof over it. Whether it is an awning on your deck, a covered roof for your sun room or your garage during the winter, a roof can go a long way to help you keep the sun, rain and wind off of your teak wood furniture and protect it for years to come.